About Barcodes Zambia

Barcodes Zambia is an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network and is under local license of Chatu Innovations Ltd, a duly registered  company owned by indigenous Zambians. We are authorised distributors under license of IBN to sell its retail barcode numbers to customers within the territorial boundaries of the Zambia. IBN has collectively sold 1 million+ barcode numbers to customers in over 120 countries.

The International Barcodes Network aims to make affordable and authentic retail barcodes available worldwide, by providing local offices in over 120 countries around the world where licensees know the market and can manage clients individual needs better in the client’s native language.

We sell retail barcodes and QR codes for a one-off price. We also provide barcode consultations, design and installations for inventory and asset tracking.

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The Barcodes Team

Chambwa Kafwimbi 
Country Head